The Rights and Duties of Neutrals is the first English-language book to survey the history of the law of neutrality from its medieval roots to the present day. The theme is the eternal clash between the rights of neutrals and belligerents - between the right of belligerents to defeat their enemies, and the right of neutrals to trade freely with all parties. Over the centuries, belligerent powers have devised various legal means of restricting neutrals from trading with their enemies, such as the law of blockade and contraband carriage. At the same time/ neutral traders have done their best to evade and circumvent these restrictions. This book traces the evolution of state practice, together with the debates over the relevant doctrinal issues and the various attempts to reform and codify the law of neutrality. This previously untold story will be of interest to anyone interested in the history of warfare or in issues of justice between nations in time of war. Technical legal language is minimised to ensure that this history is accessible to general readers as well as to professional lawyers.