One quiet morning, Leslie Vessely, the powerful Dean of academic affairs at Santa Abelina University, a campus on the Californian coast, is found dead in the European Studies department. The murder weapon is a padlock bike chain belonging to Franca De Giusti, a lecturer in that department, a union leader, and the victim’s long-time antagonist. Although circumstantial evidence and testimonials rapidly pile up and point toward Franca, Captain Nick Fusco, the homicide detective appointed to the case, follows his gut feelings and a different lead. A mysterious promotion, marijuana-laced brownie crumbs, a disappeared passkey, and the victim’s numerous affairs—all this and more steer Fusco away from the obvious suspect. His sudden and passionate love affair with an amateur sleuth adds complications and further insights to his investigation and leads him to the culprit. However, his most unexpected discovery is the unspoken class system of the academic world.

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