[email protected] Rising is the first anthology of science fiction and fantasy written by Latinos/as living in the United States. The book gives an overview to the field of Latino/a speculative literature, showing the great variety of stories being told by Latino/a writers. Fifty years ago the Latin American "Boom" introduced magical realism to the world; [email protected] Rising is the literature that has risen from the explosion that gave us García Márquez, Jorge Amado, Carlos Fuentes and others. The 21st century writers and artists of [email protected] Rising help us to imagine a Latino/a past, present, and future which have not been whitewashed by mainstream perspectives. Contrary to the popular perception, Latino/a Literature is not just magical realism and social realist protest literature--it also contains much speculative fiction. By showing the actual breadth of genres being used by Latino/a authors, [email protected] Rising will help extend the boundaries of the Latino/a literature canon.  Authors included:

Kathleen Alcalá
Pablo Brescia
Pedro Zagitt
Sabrina Vourvoulias
Daína Chaviano
Ana Castillo
Ernest Hogan
Junot Díaz
Richie Narvaez
Edmundo Paz-Soldán
Steve Castro
Alex Hernandez
Carmen Maria Machado
Giannina Braschi
Carlos Hernandez
Alejandra Sanchez
Daniel José Older
Carl Marcum
Marcos Santiago Gonzalez

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