This is the first graphic novel about the relationship between Science and Faith. After a rich academic career as a philosopher and a physicist, professor Alfio Briguglia and professor Giuseppe Savagnone are still very close friends, and have collaborated on more than a few projects. One of these projects is the book “Scienza e Fede: la pazienza del dialogo” (“Science and Faith: the patience of dialogue”) that they co-wrote and published in Italy in 2010. Tommaso Todesca, an Italian living in the US, thought of transforming their work into a graphic novel, using the power of the graphic art to pack a lot of information in an image. "Why not use visual beauty to convey complex ideas? That may even attract readers who, at the thought of picking up a book about history and theology, don’t necessarily punch the air in excitement". Professors Briguglia and Savagnone loved the idea and supported it throughout these two years of work. The illustrator is Alexandra Fastovets, whose incredible talent to capture the essence of any image clearly shines from these panels. Her black and white panels are breathtaking, a feast for anyone's eyes. What really inspires this original work, though, is the fundamental question: is it possible, today, to have a serene and constructive dialogue between scientists, philosophers and theologians? How did this dialogue evolve throughout our recent history? Let yourself be guided by Alfio and Giuseppe in this journey in history and philosophy: Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Pierre De Chardin, Isaac Newton, Richard Dawkins and St. Thomas Aquinas are only a few of the characters they will meet along the way. Each one of them will provide inspiring insights as our professors keep searching for meaning, truth, and points of convergence among different fields.