Starting in the early 1900’s in America a group of men (yes sorry, at that time, all men) started to formulate what they would call Success Principles – Principles on how to align yourself for success. And perhaps even unbeknownst to them - principles that align you with a fulfilled and valuable life
These men were part of a great optimistic time in America, when it seemed anything could be done.

Dale Carnegie was born in 1888, Norman Vincent Peale in 1898, Napoleon Hill in 1883. These were the key movers and shakers in what would become known as Positive Thinking.

The late 1800’s-early 1900’s these were the times that the USA roared into the world’s consciousness and set the tone for the future. These were the times when the USA gave the world official notice of what it could do – and it seemed there was nothing it couldn’t do
This was the time when everyone could see America was becoming the new world leader.

This book charts their lives and what they meant to each other, and how they reinforced the age old teaching about belief in yourself, and that how you think affects EVERTYHING in your life

From the INTRO

How you react to events – your attitude to events that occur in your life - is the most important thing there is.
Who says?
Well…Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Frank Kern, Og Mandino, Earl Nightingale, Shakespeare, Confucius, Lao-tzu, Jesus, Buddha, Marcus Aurelius – to name but a few - and certainly not necessarily in that order.
Certainly these days the ‘news’ is full of the corruption and incompetence in our leadership, our police forces, our financiers, our banking elite seem to be at the lowest levels
Yes the media promotes bad news, the politician love divisiveness, us agonist the, you against the rest. The Muslims against the Christians, the elite against the common people, the world as it was and the world as it has become – all is flux and all is heading to ruin
Certainly, this is true. In many ways. As it has always been

But it is also not true. In that, it is not the complete picture.

Life is full of choices and options. Life is full of the good and the bad. Its how YOU CHOOSE to see things
An example: - you are on a farm, a cattle, pig farm – there is mud, there is cow shit, there is pig shit, and you have it on your shoes.
However, if you raise your gaze from your feet – you can see a vast panorama, rolling hills and fields, in the background – fabulous mountains, and all under a wonderful sky
Pick what you want to focus on.
They are both ‘real’
Why is your attitude so important?

Because it is the one thing in All the World that is 100% under your control
And because it is the one thing in all your world that can give you joy or bitterness, happiness or sadness, a small outlook or a large outlook.
It is the one thing that affects everything you do
And no-one has any say in how you think

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